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Carvin VELA4 20,000 Watt Active Column Array Sound System

Carvin VELA4 20,000 Watt Active Column Array Sound System

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Easy Setup with Bulletproof Construction
The TRx3810A - VELA active module is a 2500W 3 channel power amp with two channels bridged for the dual 10-inch speakers and the third channel for the eight driver column array. The bullet-proof DCM power amp technology is mounted in a fan ventilated, internally sealed aluminum structure for solid construction and durability.

Internal Processing
The module includes X-Drive™ DSP processing handling crossover, EQ, and limiting duties. Optimized presets for one cabinet on a pole, two cabinets stacked and 3-4 cabinets hung in a vertical array are factory programmed. All three of these setups have two presets: a full range preset and an external subwoofer preset with a 24dB/oct high pass filter set at 85Hz.

Four Contours
The single and dual stacked presets have four contour modes: Live 1, Live 2, DJ/Playback 1 and DJ/Playback 2. Each mode has subtle EQ adjustments tailored to optimize the listening experience. Live 1 is the flat setting, providing full spectrum for dynamic live performances. Live 2 has a minor mid cut, for smoother live mixing in smaller venues. DJ/ Playback 1 increases the mid cut and boosts the lows, creating a light playback “smile” curve for pre-recorded music. DJ/playback 2 builds upon DJ/playback 1 plus it adds some virtual sub frequencies and a small increase to the “smile” curve.